The flag of the Totenkopfs
Basic Information
Alternative name(s) Boneheads
Symbol A flaming white skull on a field of black
Government Cult
Title of leader Master
Title of lieutenant Blessed
Geographic Information
Base Myrael Toria
Other strongholds Alent, Maar Sul City, Ravensworth, Trinity Gask
Region(s) Global
Member races Humans, Elves, Dwarves
Allies Crimson Coalition, Dwarven Triad (occasionally)
Enemies Demons, Grand Alliance, Grey Cult, Magicracy of Alent
Historical Information
Age Third Age

The Totenkopfs are people who wear black robes and skull masks who have become prominent in world politics after the Cataclysm. They are a Death cult whose sole purpose seems to be to plunge the world into chaos by disrupting the world's governments from within. They are led by Kamen Grimgaze, an enigmatic masked mage who is referred to as the Master.


Sinister BeginningsEdit

See: Keepers

Long before the Great War, a Syndicate of elves existed in the deepest jungles of Khrima Island in Aison. They conducted amoral experiments on the nature of magic to understand it. One of the Syndicate members, a Dark Sage, became even more involved in the study and travelled abroad to carry out his experiments. He helped spread the Blood Fever, a mysterious disease of an unknown origin which was fatal to elves, in Folsworth Woods in Remon. He also manipulated events so that a half-elven boy born from the union of an infected elf and a mutated human led to the birth of a half-elven boy whom he took as his Dark Disciple.

The Dark Sage and his Disciple travelled back to Khrima, but after a few years it became evident to the rest of the Syndicate members that he was going too far even for their standards. A battle ensued, after which the Dark Sage and the Dark Disciple were banished, and the Syndicate was all but crippled afterwards, fading from memory as its members vanished, never to be seen again. The Dark Sage had left an ominous prophecy in his departure: his work would be carried on by his Diciple and the Disciple's descendants until all would come to an end.

Centuries passed, and the existence of the Dark Sage and his involvement with the Blood Fever was all but forgotten. However, the Blood Fever would emerge again and again every few centuries or so, only to disappear after infected elves had been purged although dark figures were nowhere to be found during each of these isolated outbreaks. The teachings of the Dark Sage would live on in the shadows, however.

The lich Drishnek appears to be connected to the forming of a cult which would arise from these teachings although the true extent of his involvement and role has remained shrouded.

Rise from the ShadowsEdit

The first notes about the existence of a cult named Totenkopfs were from the Cataclysm when many members of the Clergy of Mardük wandered aimlessly after witnessing the death of their god Mardük. A mysterious figure referred to as Kamen Grimgaze, also known as the Master, appeared to several of these clerics and other disillusioned people in their darkest hour, using their despair, anger, fear and loss of purpose to recruit them into the cult which was centered around Death.

The numbers of the Totenkopfs grew steadily over the following decade, and the information provided by each member was used to infiltrate into all levels of society in different nations as the cult began to carry out the Master's complex master plan which involved a new outbreak of the Blood Fever as well as unleashing its more dangerous, mutated variant which became known as the Plague of Undeath.

The cult made itself known to public during the Second Battle of Remonton when it unleashed an elemental to wreak havoc on Remonton. A year later the cult approached the Proninist Party and the Rebels, offering to form an alliance with them to combat the newly risen Grand Alliance which threatened all of their interests. This alliance became known as the Crimson Coalition where Totenkopfs were more than happy to stay in the background, manipulating events from the shadows as they had done for so long.

Totenkopfs continued with their plans while the Coalition focused on wars on several fronts. They managed to recruit several prominent faction leaders into the Coalition, thus strengthening the Coalition's numbers, while also receiving aid from Drishnek who helped create the Plague of Undeath from infected blood samples. They set several schemes in motion simultaneously in various locations, wishing to profit from other factions' doings for reasons they kept to themselves.

What the Totenkopfs' future involvement will be remains to be seen, but the duumvirate of the Master and Drishnek seem to have grand plans which will not also decide the fate of elves and undead but also the world itself and all the people living in it.


Armor and EmblemsEdit

The Totenkopfs often wear black cloaks and skull masks, although they can often appear as ordinary citizens in order to not draw attention to themselves. Ordinary Totenkopfs wear skull masks, the Blessed wear animal skull masks (e.g. Cain's horse skull mask), and the Master has seen wearing an actual skull of a demon. The flag of the Totenkopfs is a burning white skull on a field of black.


The Totenkopfs believe in salvation through death and wish to exterminate all life by causing as much chaos as possible. They have been using the Blood Fever for this purpose, and some have recently begun to suspect that some early Totenkopfs might have actually been the ones who have created the Blood Fever in the first place, although these claims are not verified yet.


There is very little information about the Totenkopfs, but it has recently been discovered that the mysterious Master operates through higher-ranked Totenkopfs who are titled as the Blessed. Each group of Totenkopfs is always led by a Blessed or at least a Totenkopf who is close to one of the Blessed. If anyone has seen the face of the Master, it will surely be a Blessed, although even these claims are yet to be verified.

The Totenkopfs also seem to know awfully lot about what is going on in the world, and this seems to prove that they do indeed have people in high places or that they at least have proper connections to some corruptible authorities. Weeding them out will thus be extremely difficult, but factions such as the Blades of Vigilance do what they can to stop the Totenkopfs' nefarious schemes and to reveal their existence to the public.

Notable membersEdit


The Totenkopfs are highly destructive and skilled in manipulation. They have caused many major and minor conflicts and even toppled some governments from within, and this makes them antagonists to any other faction. They are currently allied with the other factions of the Crimson Coalition, but their recent actions seem to indicate that they are just using the Coalition for their own nefarious ends.

See alsoEdit

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