This article is about a Grand Alliance member. For the Union Workers general, see Tobias.
Toby Fenworthy
Status: Alive
Age: 22
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class: Warrior
Nation: Maar Sul
Faction: Grand Alliance
Era: Third Age

Tobias William Murray Fenworthy, commonly known as Toby, is a young guard who enlisted into the service of the Grand Alliance in Maar Sul City in 1017 AE.


Early YearsEdit

Toby was fourteen when his father died in the war. He spent the next several years of his life in Trinity Gask, staying away from anything political at his mother’s request. Being the obliging fellow he is, he avoided stirring up her grief at the cost of his own revenge.

Godslayer EraEdit

A Crimson DawnEdit

"I want to join your Grand Alliance. I've some skill with my sword and I'm tired of using it for nothing.You seem to be actually doing something."
—Toby, to Axikasha Keiran

When Toby was discovered drinking, he was fired from his job as a guard. The now-moneyless Toby happened to meet Axikasha Keiran and Marcus Sarillius and asked them if he could join the ranks of the Grand Alliance. Marcus and Ax agreed and welcomed Toby to their ranks. Toby participated in the funeral of Belial de Ardyn and later helped the Alliance take over the city of Jardine. He began spending more time with Natsumi Amuro around this time.

Tears of the SunEdit

Toby accompanied the heroes of the Grand Alliance to Libaterra onboard the Hiltraud.

Aliases and NicknamesEdit

Used by the people who know him.


5"8". Muscled, but not bulky. Shaggy, mouse brown hair, and brown eyes. Wears brown leather leggings, a dirty cotton tunic belted with his sword belt and a leather jerkin.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Rather naïve and overconfident, Toby tends to underestimate the skill and cunning of others. He believes in little which is not immediately obvious, but is friendly and has an innate desire to be helpful.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Toby is adept at using short swords and throwing knives.


Axikasha KeiranEdit

Ax was the first member of the Grand Alliance who Toby approached. He was very formal around her, asking her to join the Alliance. Ax's relaxed attitude soon made Toby a bit more relaxed but not much.

Natsumi AmuroEdit

Toby met Natsumi Amuro shortly after joining the Grand Alliance, and seemed to take an instant liking to her. They were both young and new to the Alliance, with similar reasons for wanting revenge, leading the two to bond quickly.

See alsoEdit

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