The Gamer's Alliance (commonly known as tGA, located at with the main roleplaying activity taking place at is a long-running, text-based roleplaying game. With a history spanning over a decade of "real life" time and thousands of years of game time, we felt a wiki might be a good resource for all of our rich history.


The RP is set on a Medieval fantasy world and its technology level roughly corresponds to our world's technology during the years 1300–1500.

In a universe where humans, elves, dwarves, gods and demons once existed peacefully, everything is slowly but surely unraveling. With the God of Order and the God of Chaos both dead, the remaining gods have scattered and abandoned their people, though whispers of divine plots still stir. The Godslayer, bringer of the Cataclysm that shattered the continents and stole the innate magics of the people, lies dormant in this age of isolation. The demons, unleashed upon the material world, seek to conquer this new land and reign supreme over their fellow demons. The elves have fallen victim to a gruesome, deadly plague. The humans, feeling lost and abandoned, struggle amongst themselves to protect their homelands and find their place in this new, brutal world. Countless games of deception are being played in every circle.

The Grand Alliance has risen once more as a candle in the darkness, but traitors lie in wait even in these noble ranks. The Crimson Coalition appears to counter the Alliance with its own goals and motives. Both sides feel their causes are just, both sides are ready to battle to oblivion if necessary. And yet, divided, they don't stand a chance against the massive demon hordes. Can they come together to defeat this threat? Or will darkness triumph over all?

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