Tcha Khan
Status: Unknown
Age: 59 (if alive)
Race: Human
Ethnicity: Khitan
Gender: Male
Class: Cleric
Nation: Aison
Faction: Clergy of Nergal
Era: Third Age

Tcha Khan was a high-ranking member of the Clergy of Nergal and the mastermind behind the Yamatian Invasion of Aison. His most trusted clerics were Hamish Hawkswing and Rastus Derelict who he often sent on important errands. Tcha Khan was reportedly eaten by a dragon in Aison during a face-off between the Aisonian clerics of Nergal and a small army that came down from Reno, but there is a possibility that he might have faked his death and slipped away during the chaotic battle. He was the younger brother of Qishou Khan.

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