Status: Dead
Age: Unknown
Race: Andain
Gender: Male
Class: Warrior
Nation: Maar Sul

Struin was the brother of Strahl and one of the Andain prior to the Explosion that killed Kagetsu I. He was the founding father of the House of Struan.


Early YearsEdit

Struin was an Andain of absolute honour and a brother of Strahl. Although he privately supported Taliesin's position throughout his lifetime, he considered Kagetsu I to be the rightfully chosen Lord of the Andain. During the War of the Andain he stayed resolutely by Kagetsu's side, even when it was necessary to kill his own friends for a cause he personally abhorred, simply because honor demanded it.


During Taliesin's tenure as Lord, Struin was much happier, but when Kagetsu was unsealed by Leon Alcibiates, he reluctantly returned to Kagetsu's fold, and died--honorably in his view--carrying out Kagetsu's orders which led to the Explosion.


The offspring of Struin make up the Maar Sulais House of Struan, thus spelled because his kids never learned to spell. Struin's dislike for the House of Aurelac was carried on throughout the generations, until Martin Struan attempted to seize the throne for himself in the Struan Rebellion.

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