Miraj al-Zarar
Status: Alive
Age: 40
Race: Human
Ethnicity: Sarquil
Gender: Male
Class: Warrior
Nation: Libaterra
Faction: Sultanate of Karaganda
Era: Third Age

Sheikh Miraj al-Zarar is the ruler of the town of Kilm in the Sultanate of Karaganda. He is the uncle of Azriel al-Zarar and an old friend of Ismail. He was captured and mortally wounded by the Northern Horde, but he was later saved and revived by Azriel. He relocated to Alent with the other Sarquil refugees after the Battle of Vanna.

See alsoEdit

Miraj al-Zarar
Zarar Tribe
977 AE
Sarquil nobility
Preceded by
Sheikh of Kilm
1000 AE–present
Succeeded by

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