Status: Alive
Age: Unknown
Race: Wyvern
Gender: Male
Class: Wyvern
Nation: Libaterra
Faction: Grey Guard
Era: Third Age

Legnalus is the pet wyvern of Helena the Grey.


Early YearsEdit

Helena the Grey used her druidic skills to tame a wild wyvern in the wilderness of Libaterra after she had escaped slavery from Vanna and formed the Grey Guard. She named him Legnalus, and the wyvern became her loyal companion.

Godslayer EraEdit

Helena left on a mission and sent Legnalus on his way so the wyvern's presence wouldn't draw attention to her. She was away for months, but Legnalus waited for her call patiently.

After months of being apart, Legnalus was finally reunited with Helena in a small forest a few miles from Alent after he had been flying with other wyverns for a while. Both were happy to see each other, and Legnalus showed his affection by licking Helena's cheek.

He witnessed Helena taking her niece Kaisa Blackwell and the girl's pet Liulfr to the Grey Guard camp where she began training her as a mage. Legnalus seemed to ignore Liulfr's presence for the most part, not seeing the dire wolf as a threat to him or his mistress, but he did seem to take some kind of liking to Kaisa after he saw how Helena was treating her.

Helena, Kaisa and Liulfr travelled westward with Legnalus, and the Grey Guard made preparations to search for the remaining artifacts they needed for Helena's plan. They caught intruders entering their most recent temporary forest base near Reign and learned that the travellers they had caught were Hector Blackwell, Irinthiel Maurath, and Syrese Frostvale who had come looking for Kaisa who turned out to be Hector's long-lost daughter.

Legnalus observed the reunion but didn't act. When the Grey Guards scattered to search for artifacts, Helena had Legnalus follow her as she accompanied Kaisa and Hector's group elsewhere to meet with her long-lost sister Viirsa Yuriev whom Hector wanted to bring back to life.


He has scales of dark grey and is larger then any human. He, like all wyverns, has two hind legs he stands on, combined with the more serpentine head and sleeker form. The forearms of his wing have what looks like a single bone running its length. The edge of it is sharp, as sharp and durable as any blade, and is his main weapon with which he can rend his foes in twain as he flies by at high speeds.

Personality and TraitsEdit

He lacks the level of intelligence of his draconic counterparts, but he can be cunning nonetheless. He also shows affection to Helena and can be very protective of her.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

He can crush a man beneath his taloned feet without much effort. He is fast, blindingly so.


Helena the GreyEdit

Helena and Legnalus care for each other deeply. Ever since she tamed him, he has been following her loyally.

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