Justinius Phoenixheart
Status: Alive
Age: 55
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class: Knight
Nation: Aison
Era: Third Age

Justinius Aurelius Phoenixheart is the father of Briss and Sajon Phoenixheart. He was part of a small rebel warrior clan who wanted to overthrow the government in Aison before the Grey Cult appeared. He is currently working with top levels of government in Myridia. His formal job is Regional Defence Minister but his actual work has been shrouded in mystery for a while.


Early YearsEdit

As a young man, Justinius could be influenced by strong individuals quite easily. There was little talk of overthrowing the government and Justinius took it to heart. He gathered a small group of supporters whom he named the Phoenixheart Clan. Among them was a man who taught him how to fight without using force against force with two short swords, the Butterfly Swords. The clan's efforts were doomed from the beginning and it was disbanded soon after its first raid. A woman in the clan admired Justinius's efforts and he too admired her. The two settled down in Eest, Justinius was 22.

Justinius and his wife had a baby boy, Sajon. Four years later they had another son, Briss. Justinius did all he could to provide security for his family, and he did that well. He went as far as teaching his sons how to kill someone with their hands, but only if threatened. Briss and Sajon grew into their teens as mature young men, and Justinius was proud.

Things didn't go too well during the Great War, though. Justinius's job put on extra stress and his frustration was evident in his family life. Soon after, two years before the end of the Great War, Briss, Sajon and their mother left for Maar Sul because there was a brainwashing culture going on in Aison that seemed serious. Justinius was offered to be Regional Defence Minister in Myridia, a top job which he took.

Godslayer EraEdit

Justinius is the Regional Defence Minister of the Grey Cult. His early year traits of easy manipulation still seems alive as he is a believer of the cult's ideology. Most of his time is spent dealing with the Black Hunters about demon raids from Yamato.

Aliases and NicknamesEdit

Justinius Aurelius
What people call him.
Regional Defense Minister
His title in Myridia.


Justinius looks like his son Briss, except he's older.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Once he starts something he has to finish it. If he's doing something in his life then that's the most important thing for him at that time.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Can use the twin butterfly swords efficiently.


Briss PhoenixheartEdit

Justinius hasn't seen Briss since the family's departure from Aison while he remained behind.

Sajon PhoenixheartEdit

Justinius hasn't seen Sajon since the family's departure from Aison while he remained behind. Things got more complicated when Sajon was murderered, and Justinius is unaware of his demise.

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