Jin Hirotu
Status: Dead
Age: 23 (at time of death)
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class: Monk
Nation: Yamato
Era: Third Age

Jin Hirotu was a Yamatian monk who searched for someone who could beat the snot out of him. His wish came true when he challenged Keiichi Arashi to a duel, but sadly Keiichi went a bit overboard and killed Jin on the spot.


Early YearsEdit

An orphan who was adopted by Kyostan, a hermit who was a Shotokhan master. He taught Jin his way of fighting and learned that he was born with the dreaded "Oni-chi" curse. He wanted to bring it out in him to see how strong it was, so he sparred with him. Jin went mad from his curse and without knowing it he killed his own master. Kyostan said in his last breath "Find your inner strength and control it, use it to protect those around you. Don't let your fist be the demise of good people."

Ever since then Jin was looking for new challenges to find a way to rid himself of the curse, and he thought the only way to fight it was to take a journey to either Remon or Aison and join the military, with enough proper real combat experience he could maybe try and control his curse.

Distreyd EraEdit

More info later.


Jin wandered around for a while and eventually managed to get rid of his curse. He returned back to Yamato and opened up his own dojo. However, he still felt the need to fight and decided to head for the capital and challenge the Shogun Masamori Hyuga himself. Instead he met the Shogun's top general, Keiichi Arashi, who beat the shit out of him. Jin thought he might be spared, but Keiichi was angry at him for even daring to challenge the Shogun and thus slew him on the spot. Jin's mutilated corpse still hung at the entrance of Kageshima by the time the army of the Grand Alliance reached the city at the end of the Great War.

Aliases and NicknamesEdit

Demon of Yamato
What many of his opponents called him because of his demonic rage.


About 6 feet tall, brown hair, wore a black shirt with the sleeves ripped off.

Personality and TraitsEdit

A quiet loner type who was always looking for a good fight to better his own skill.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Innate Ability: Jin could go complety berserk when enraged and was unable to distinguish friend from foe. His strength would grow at this time. After his rage was calmed down he passed out from exaustion and woke up three hours later not remembering anything since he went berserk, it was more of a curse than a power. He dubbed it the "Oni-chi" (translates to Demonic inner spirit, roughly).


Keiichi ArashiEdit

Jin wanted someone to fight with, and he considered Keiichi a small fry. However, this was a bad miscalculation as Keiichi brutally dismembered Jin.

See alsoEdit

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