A calendar is a system of organizing days for social, religious, commercial or administrative purposes. This is done by giving names to periods of time, typically days, weeks, months, and years. In the Land of the Living there's a yearly rotation of public events such as holidays and celebrations in different kingdoms due to cultural, historic, legislative and religious reasons.

Annual eventsEdit

Third AgeEdit

Below is a yearly rotation list of famous events which were celebrated in the Third Age in chronological order. Many of them were kingdom-specific events, so one kingdom's celebration very rarely carried over to another kingdom's calendar with the exception of larger celebrations such as Midsummer and Midwinter.

Date Name Kingdom Remarks
Early spring Feast of Starlight Throughout Land of the Living Celebrated among elves. Signifies the beginning of spring and the return of Light after the Time of Darkness.
Early spring National We Killed All The Lawyers Day Aison Celebrated in honour of ridding Aison of the evil of lawyers.

Held throughout Aison since 930 AE.

Midspring Feast of Paedün Libaterra Named after Paedün, the God of Knowledge and Wisdom. A celebration of the pursuit of knowledge and the founding of the Magicracy of Alent.

Held in Alent since 1006 AE.

Early summer Festival of the Ascension Aison Celebration to honour the king's ascendacy to the throne of Aison.

Held in Reno.

Midsummer Midsummer Festival Throughout Land of the Living Celebration of the summer solstice.
Late summer Day of the Damned Libaterra A week-long festival celebrated among the Sinlarine and citizens of Reign in Libaterra. Criminals are judged by the Clergy of Artemicia in a public trial, and people congregate to graveyards to pay respects to the dead.

Held in Reign.

Late summer Tsèni Tournament Libaterra A week-long triathlon during which Sinlarine and other people compete in archery, sword-fighting, and weapon finesse.

Held in various locations throughout Libaterra every year. Most recently held in Trinity Gask.

Autumn Celebration of the Harvest Moon Libaterra Celebration of the harvest season. It is believed that during this time magic concentration is in its highest, or close to it.

Held throughout Libaterra.

Late autumn Feast of the Hunter's Moon Libaterra Celebration of the hunting season.

Held throughout Libaterra.

Early winter Night of Sorrows Throughout Land of the Living Celebrated among elves. Signifies the beginning of winter and the return of Darkness after the Time of Light.
Midwinter Midwinter Festival Throughout Land of the Living Celebration of the winter solstice.

Special eventsEdit

Third AgeEdit

Aside from the annual festivals mentioned above, there have also been special celebrations and events in the Third Age. These are listed below in chronological order:

See alsoEdit

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Summer: Festival of the Ascension · Midsummer Festival · Day of the Damned · Tsèni Tournament
Autumn: Celebration of the Harvest Moon · Feast of the Hunter's Moon
Winter: Night of Sorrows · Midwinter Festival
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